Personal Injury Attorney Ed Lloyd

Edward W. Lloyd

Edward W. Lloyd has always relished the many challenges in his work as a trial lawyer, whether they involve investigating an accident scene or matching wits with opposing counsel.

Lloyd received his J.D. from Western State University College of Law. He has been helping injured clients and their families in southern California since 1980. After working in other law firms, he created his own Santa Ana-based solo practice in the mid-1990s.

Lloyd loves the freedom and independence of running his own law firm, but not as much as the variety and challenges of being a plaintiff’s attorney.

Representative of Bomb Blast Victims

Over the years, Lloyd has prevailed for clients in complex legal cases. One case involved two clients who worked in a scrapyard. They used blowtorches and welders to separate titanium and other precious metals from detonated bomb casings, which were collected from a nearby army base. One bomb they worked on was still live and it exploded, killing one of the men and seriously injuring the other.

In dealing with the U.S. Army, Lloyd encountered stiff resistance from government officials. Even so, he was able to prove that officials were negligent in failing to detect that a live bomb had been sent to the scrapyard. The case was settled on the eve of the trial, sparing the injured client and the deceased client’s family an extended courtroom fight.

Tour Bus Accident Client

Another notable case in Lloyd’s career involved injuries suffered by his client, a guide on a tour bus, when the bus overturned as the driver fell asleep at the wheel. Numerous passengers suffered serious injuries. Lloyd was able to prove that the driver had stayed up late gambling the previous evening in Las Vegas and had a spotty work performance record as well. Lloyd settled the case on the eve of the trial and his client received fair compensation for his injuries.

To Lloyd, those cases are examples of what he loves about his law practice.

“The work is always interesting,” he says. “You’re always learning something new, you get to work with people every day, and there’s the dynamics and drama of the courtroom, which I love.”

Lloyd makes no apologies for enjoying competition and carries it into his spare time as a serious high-level softball player. A long time devotee of the sport, he started playing in a senior softball league at age 55. He and his teammates participate in a competitive league and occasional tournaments throughout the country.




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